The Villisca Axe Murders

Villisca Axe Murders

In the early hours of June 10, 1912, eight people, six of whom were children, were slaughtered in a brutal attack. The Villisca Axe Murders were never solved despite several suspects been put forward. Was the killer fuelled by revenge after business dealings soured? Or were the murders just one of many committed by an unknown serial killer? Here Unsolved Casebook takes a look at the case.

The Murder Of Nora Fuller

murder of Nora Fuller

In 1902 a fifteen-year-old girl disappeared after she left her San Francisco home to attend a meeting about a job. A month later the body of the teenager was discovered. She had been raped and strangled to death. Her killer was never caught. This is the story of the Murder of Nora Fuller.

The Peasenhall Murder – Who Killed Rose Harsent?

The Peasenhall Murder is one of those historic unsolved cases that doesn't necessarily get the same coverage as other crimes of its era but it is no less fascinating. Rose Harsent, a young woman with several admirers, is discovered dead and her suspected lover is subsequently arrested and tried for the murder. Did the prime suspect get away with murder? Here Unsolved Casebook looks back at the case.

The Hall-Mills Murders

The Hall-Mills Murders

It was early on a Saturday morning on September 16, 1922, when the bodies of Reverend Edward Wheeler Hall and his lover Eleanor Mills were discovered side-by-side under a crabapple tree in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Hall-Mills Murders, as they would become known, proved a fascinating case. The wife of the minister, along with several family members were acquitted of committing the murders four years later. Did they get away with murder? Unsolved Casebook takes a look at the intriguing case.

The Unsolved Murder Of Ida Lowry-The Wealthy Forager

The vast majority of unsolved murders are a complete mystery, yes we may have a few ideas of suspects or motives but mostly the killer is just as likely a total unknown and it's this mystique and air of whodunnit that draws so many of us to the unsolved. Some unsolved cases, however, become even more intriguing as they contain a mystery within a mystery. The murder of Ida Lowry is one of those cases.

The Cincinnati Streetcar Murders

cincinnati streetcar murders

The Cincinnati Streetcar Murders, also known as the Cumminsville Murders, took place over a six-year period between 1904 and 1910. Five women were all killed by a brutal assailant within a mile of each other in an area which would become known as the "murder zone". The crimes, which are rarely ever written about, remain unsolved.

The Thames Torso Murders

the thames torso murders

The Thames Torso Murders are a series of murders that took place between 1873 and 1889. The crimes, largely forgotten and passed over due to the interest in the Jack The Ripper Whitechapel murders of the time, involved the discoveries of the dismembered bodies of eight women. Only one of the victims was ever identified, the person or persons responsible never found.